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Description: Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or a cavity, is a disease where bacterial processes destroy hard tooth structure. These tissues gradually break down, producing dental caries (cavities, or holes in the teeth). If left untreated, the disease can lead to pain, tooth loss, and infection.


Description: A Space in between teeths are called gaps or spacing. Gaps in teeth can be unsightly and give smiles a picket fence appearance. Cosmetic dentists also refer to gaps between teeth as diastemas. It is common for there to be an open space between the upper front teeth. Diastemas can occur genetically or by behaviors such as tongue thrusting, which can push the teeth apart.

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We are one-of-a-kind dental practice providing world-class dental treatment in a pampering, pleasant environment. Service for the patient is our first priority and we will go an extra mile to achieve that. We aspire to deliver only the best for our patient and thus make this practice a center of excellence.